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3 Hari

Memang seminggu kita ada 7 hari tapi hakikatnya, kita hanya ada 3 hari sahaja. Hari SEMALAM – perkara yang telah lepas. Yang boleh kita jadikan iktibar, tauladan dan pedoman. Hari ESOK, yang mungkin kita tak jumpa, tak tahu apa yang berlaku dan hari INI adalah miliki KITA untuk semua, untuk persediaan hari ESOK dan seterusnya..

Assalamualaikum sahabat, Salam Jumaat semua


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What does life means to us?

Life, to me, is the quest for perfect balance. the balance between spontaneity & planning, so that things are fresh enough to avoid monotony, yet stable enough to lead to action. the balance between finding the good in the bad & attending to the bad when everything is good, so that one never becomes too caught up in the sadness or too distracted by life’s fleeting delights. the balance of doing things for you & doing things for other people, so that one may be devoted to themselves & the part of themselves that resides in every person in the universe. the balance of believing, loving, & supporting people, while committing to surrounding yourself with higher vibrations, & understanding that attitudes & vibrations are contagious. & the balance of respecting the multiverse of opinions, while speaking your own truth, so that people may, hopefully, come to see the beauty that is the spectrum of human experience in this life. life, to me, is about living the most positive experience possible, uplifting as many lives as possible, questing for knowledge & a higher understanding of the various truths experienced in this world, & avoiding complacency at all costs.. AR


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