JobStreet Survey June 29 2015


from 1,454 employees surveyed :-
40% said they would need 10 – 20% increments to salaries
36% claimed their salaries need to go up 20 – 50% to soften effect of the tax
63% voiced need for petrol allowance
35% considering job change
33% looking at part-time and freelance jobs.
(JobStreet Survey June 29 2015)

2 comments to JobStreet Survey June 29 2015

  • ken  says:

    hello bro,

    the statistics say it all.
    everything is going up up and up, except our gaji.
    take care, all the best.
    nice sunset photo, by the way, from which building?

    best regards,

    • Junaidi  says:

      its was from my house area.. at ampang. thanks for drop by here bro 🙂

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